2010 Dodge Ram

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The Dodge Ram is often known as being among the quality cars that have been created by the American Auto makers. We find that these economy cars have seen a number of improvements that have led to better gas mileage, and a longer lasting lifetime when compared to similar cars on the market. While you are looking at the 2010 Dodge Ram, you will be able to find models that can run on gasoline, propane and diesel as well. This is the perfect choice for those who are looking to use the full power of their Ram. You should take note that depending on the engine you choose, and the fuel option that goes with it, your power in some cases will vary, as will your final gas mileage.

When we mention that these are quality cars, it should be noted that the Dodge Ram is actually a truck, and the term economy cars means an economical automobile of any kind that saves on a budget. Typically, we find that the 2010 Dodge Ram can be up to 20 miles per gallon. For a truck, this is a remarkable amount of mileage and one that many large truck owners can recognize. On average a typical truck sees between 8 – 12 gallons, making the Dodge Ram among one of the most fuel efficient models available. In fact, with proper driving and a well maintained vehicle, it is possible to pass the fuel efficiency average in the Dodge Ram as well.

Four by four driving is another feature that will be important to many people. With this, you can handle the rugged terrain of the outdoors, and when you truck is equipped with it, there won’t be many places you can’t go. Most vehicles are a two by two and the rear wheels are normally what give a car the power to move forward, although some vehicles do focus on the front wheels. With this option, every tire moves to decrease the changes of you getting stuck, and makes certain driving conditions safer as well.

Another thing that makes the Dodge Ram one of the best quality cars is that there adjustable power pedals. These will allow you to utilize such features as turbo control with a push of your foot. Additionally, you have the electric transfer case that makes switching gears easier. Since it is among the economy cars that are available, this won’t increase the final price tag in terms of what you pay.

Generally, the Dodge Ram is a work truck. People who purchase it have the idea that they will be hauling things around in the back of the pickup, and they might be using it to tow as well. Of course, you can use it for an everyday vehicle as well without any problems, but commonly, people find that they are the ones who do end up getting called in to help their friends move, or to tow big items that won’t fit in the cars of people they know. But with a 345 horsepower engine, you will have the comfort of knowing there won’t be too many problems when it comes to having enough power to tow whatever needs to be towed.

Many people also note that these vehicles are appealing on the eye as well. They will typically have a strong masculine colored finish with a number of accessories available for the exterior. Some of those items include chrome bumpers, chrome wheels and even extra lights and side mounts. When you want to take your truck to the next level of impressiveness, these features will certainly come in handy as they create a look that people will notice on the street, and you may even get a few nods of the head.

When you are looking among quality cars, consider the Dodge Ram. It will provide a great value for the money, and they don’t typically lose their value too quickly. Since they are so inexpensive, you won’t have to worry about sticker shock when you pick up one of these economy cars at a dealer. Know the features you want, and you can get one for a very reasonable price from the dealer.


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